Saturday, August 18

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Do these results suprise ANYbody?? :) No, I NEVER would have guessed that I'm a complete introvert!

Wednesday, August 15

Learning Latin

So I've been studying Wheelock's Latin lately. It's really tough; people who know me know that I am no great shakes at languages, though I do ok with the written word. Also, my last real language training (A Beka grammar) was probably 8 or 9 years ago; it takes me a while to remember how an indirect object functions in the sentence. So yeah, it's pretty tough for me.
It's also an amazing amount of fun. It feels good to get my mind in gear again, and stretch it a bit. I've even started taking my Latin books to work with me, and getting some studying done during lunch. My co-workers think I'm a bit odd, but they've always thought I'm odd, so that's nothing new.
Vale, amici!

So we found out what happened to the dog food...

Last week, when our air conditioning went out, the heat must have caused the dog food to eplode. All over the inside of a cabinet. We're not sure when the maggots moved in.

Oh someone please tell me it's Friday already...

(on the plus side, at least my X-files DVD is coming from Netflix today. On to season 2!)

Some days I hate this job.

There's been an odd icky smell in the office for the past few days. No-one could figure out what it was.
Well, today we found it.
Maggoty dog food.
So now we have the door to our call center closed, and we're all smearing scented lotion on our hands and faces to try to block the smell.

Tuesday, August 14

Co-worker: *setting her purse on her desk during her lunch break* I'm gonna leave this in here; the table's crowded, and I don't want to put it on the floor of the lunchroom in case there's a mouse.
Supervisor: What? There's a mouse in there??
Co-worker: I don't know, I just don't want to chance it.
Me, to coworker: So, no mouse attacks during lunch?
Supervisor: Oh my gosh, so there was a mouse??
Coworker: No, I just thought there might be.
Boss: what's going on?
Coworker: I thought there might be a mouse in the lunch room, so...
Boss: Oh my gosh, there's a mouse?
Supervisor: It's a rat!
Gotta love working with all women.....  (and no, there's no mouse or rat or anything)

"So, what did you learn in school?"

Most people who were in Torrey HATE this question. We have no list of things to recite, because the method and content of our education is not conducive to it. When a classical education works, it sinks in deeply, and becomes a part of the person, not just a compartment in his mind.
But, I finally found a decent answer to the question! I ran across a quote in an excellent fantasy book called The Worm Ouroborous. The villains are described as those who "did not know the ancient loyalties."
That's what I learned at college: I learned the ancient loyalties. I learned loyalty to goodness, truth, and beauty. I learned loyalty to family, hearth, home, and country. I learned loyalty to the faith and to God. I learned loyalty to the human race.