Friday, August 10

The rain in the office stays the office

So, it finally stopped raining in the office.

Turns out that someone had left the ancient air conditioner running overnight, and it froze up. We couldn’t turn it down, it kept blowing cool air, and letting water seep into the floor tiles.

Oh, and the fridge and water cooler had leaks too. “Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink.”

So we shut off the power to the A/C, and set up as many fans as we could find.

The ceiling guy came yesterday, said that the ceiling wouldn’t collapse, then left. He finally came back today to fix the darn thing. Afterwards, the A/C repairman came, claimed that he’d fixed it, but we still can’t seem to get any cool air.

I’m hoping that my lovely Latin books will be there when I get home. I want to go bury myself in a dead language for a few hours.

On the plus side, after this week, I have drunk at least 5 glasses of water a day, 5 days a week, for 6 SOLID WEEKS. I am now incapable of finishing a can of Dr. Pepper or Coke, though I do still like Mountain Dew and Sprite. That is still a huge improvement. Now if I can just start eating better stuff.

Still at a different computer at work. The ceiling is repaired, but we still can't turn on the a/c. So to face the heat today I wore a fancy tank top and jeans.

I've never worn jeans or pants to work before.

My co-workers were slightly shocked, and made me stand up so they could see. :)

It was funny. How many other girls get such a reaction from wearing jeans? Hehehehe.

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Thursday, August 9


    So the rain in our office made us turn off the a/c, and move the computers away from the rain.

So, I don't have my work email, don't know for how long. Please send all emails to for now. Thank you!

Yahoo! oneSearch: Finally, mobile search that gives answers, not web links.


Our office is leaking everywhere! The fridge, the watercooler, and now, the ceiling. something went wacky with the a/c, and the ceiling is dripping in two places. Just got a mini-downpour from one place, though it's stopped now.
Yay, rain in the office! (seriously, it's funny!)

Good book

A friend lent me The Tale of Despereaux the other day. People have been trying to get me to read this for ages, but I never have (probably because people have been trying to get me to read it! Silly stubborn Joi...)
Anyhow, I just started it, I'm only about 20 pages in, and it is delightful! I can't wait for my lunch break when I get to read more. It reminds me, in these first pages, a little of Frederick, by Leo Lionni. Frederick is a little mouse who doesn't gather corn or wheat or any food for the winter. The other mice make fun of him when he says he is storing up colors, or stories, or sounds.
When winter comes, the mice are happy and well-fed for a while. But as winter drags on, the food stores are running low, everyone is tired and grumpy, and there is no sun. So Frederick begins to tell stories, and talk about the warm light of the sun, and everyone realizes the importance of his work. I loved the Frederick book when I was a kid, and identified very heavily with the odd little mouse.

Wednesday, August 8

A fun way to pass the time at work while your email server is down:
Tell a co-worker elephant jokes until she laughs so hard she gets a crick in her neck.

Geeks and Cool

I was thinking the other day. People say that geeks don't care about cool things, or about being cool.
This is a bald-faced lie.
Geeks care about cool as much as anybody. We just define it differently.
Science is cool; celeb gossip is not.
Neil Gaiman is cool; Janet Ivanovich is boring
ComiCon is cool; the latest runway show is dull.
Weird Al is cool; Justin Timberlake is entirely made of FAIL and LOSE
Joss Whedon is cool; Jerry Bruckheimer needs to go away, preferably using the Boots of Escaping
Reading is cool; sitcoms need to be fed to the Sarlaac
Other cool things include: Corellian blood stripes, email, mythology, Gaelic, esperanto, l33t, lolcats, MST3K, Jim Henson, roleplaying games, the internet, and Macs.

Tuesday, August 7

sometimes I love my job

My boss just walked through, modeling a feathery showgirl headdress.
I love this place.

Do you use Netflix?

If you do, join as one of my friends. I like the idea of sharing movie reviews/recommendations, etc.

I knew this would happen

I want more Harry Potter.
I just finished re-reading the whole series, including book 7....and I want more. I'm reading all the interviews with JK Rowling that I can find.
Dang it.
Heh. Last night I was talking about chapter 34, The Forest Again, and teared up just talking about it. Sigh.

Monday, August 6

Teh new impruved cat wih reactive armor Me be testing reactive armor now

This cat is a Level 12 Paladin. It is also wearing the Boots of Escaping. (Once again, picture courtesy of

Happy Dance Time!

We're(Rachel, Tim, Marcy, me, whoever else wants to come) starting a Latin class!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss doing that kind of hard work (not the classrooms or the modern school structure), I miss learning difficult things with cool people.
But now we're starting Latin!!
*happy dance, to distant strains of Gaudeamus Igitur*