Tuesday, May 11

Fashion is useless

One of the more recent projects in my art class was to design "wearable art;" in other words, fashion design. This inspired me, and I have begun wearing my own fashions around campus. I have several friends who do the same (though they tend to dress in the medieval style.)

Why do we bow and scrape to fashion? Even the "non-conformists" have their own fashion--just try going against the accepted non-conformity of any given art department!

What were clothes made to do? Clothes serve three purposes, as far as I can tell. First and foremost, protection from the elements. Secondly, clothes cover our bodies for the sake of modesty. Thirdly, clothes are an expression of the person and, to a certain extent, the culture from which he comes.

It seems that it is impossible for clothing now to be an expression of a person's culture; instant communication and worldwide advertising have homogenized culture to a large extent. In addition, the clothes a Southern Californian wears were most likely not designed by a Southern Californian in Southern California. These clothes are simply being designed, not designed for(and let's not even talk about clothes that advertise: as if the human body were meant to be a walking billboard!).

So I say, down with fashion! It's useless and always changing. Why should I buy a new wardrobe every year, simply because my current colors and styles are no longer in fashion? Anything can be made into clothing. 3 of my favorite outfits are made of curtains, and they look lovely. Most importantly, they are unique. They protect, cover, and express. When I create my own fashion, I tend to not worry so much about how I look. I look different, and I know that, and know that there is then no need to compare my clothes to others' clothing.