Thursday, August 7

Most people who read this blog know that while I’m interested in politics and have definite stances on many issues, I don’t really follow things that closely. While I vote Republican, I’m not that thrilled with either party.

But anyone who’s looked at this blog in the past week knows that I’ve become involved with the #DontGo Movement, and

In the past week, I’ve talked with U.S. Congressmen via Twitter, seen these same officials interact with their own constituents on YouTube, and paged through photostreams of press conferences on Twitter.

Anyone else feel like this is something new? Has the GOP finally figured out that the internet is here, and that it’s different from old media in the most fundamental ways? I hope so. I’d hate for this to be a fluke, because it’s too much fun.

Tuesday, August 5

Open letter to my representative.

To the Hon. Gary G. Miller, 42nd District.

Dear Sir;
I am writing to state my extreme frustration with the House; it is unconscionable to leave on a paid vacation after blocking debate about the American energy crisis. While our representives are writing off their gas expenses, the people are paying out the nose, cancelling vacations, etc.
Some members of the House have stayed to continue the energy dialog, but no action that helps the American people can be taken until the House is called back into session. Thousands of Americans are petitioning for this to happen, and I am one of them.
Please do something to help the people you represent. Bring this issue to a vote. Drill now so that we can afford to research alternative energy sources.
Elizabeth J. Weaver

Monday, August 4

In case you haven't heard, many of the House Republicans have given up their paid vacations to work towards a solution for the current energy crisis. The House Democrats left the House, turned off the lights and the mikes, and left town rather than even allow the issues up for debate.

Speaker Pelosi has actually refused to even allow this topic to come up for debate.


They. Can't. Stop. The. Signal.

House representatives are blogging and Twittering from the House floor as they call for Speaker Pelosi to call Congress back for a special session to discuss the energy options available to us. (tried to embed, but YouTube is being dumb)

Follow the action at and

Sign the petition at

We have a voice. We will not be shut up just because someone doesn't want to talk about an issue, just because they are willing to let American gas prices reach $10 per gallon.

We have the willpower and ingenuity to find our way out of this crisis, but if we are not able to even drive our cars, this crisis will not be solved.

Speak out! Call Congress back!

Others are speaking out: