Wednesday, November 10

Ok, taking a break from the novel to do a real post. I think.

A little depressed today: not sure if it's just backlash from the whole novel-writing thing (which I'm actually doing rather well on), or dread for the art classes I have today, or nervousness over the Plato Metathon this weekend. Everyone in that class intimidates me (except Katie Fisher, I think), and I feel really inadequate. But I've been mostly keeping up, until now. And I'm really REALLY scared that I'm going to say something this weekend, and everyone's going to suddenly realize that I'm not that smart, and is going to...I don't know. That's when I start to realize that this fear is unfounded, because even if that did happen, no-one would blink an eye, or even comment on it, really. It wouldn't change my standing with these people. Not most of them, anyway (the others I don't know well enough to say what they'd do).

So it's got to all be ok, but....Man, it's stressing. I wish some of my friends weren't so distant lately. It's not that they're not friendly, or anything, just...distant.

On the good news front, though, the novel is going well, and yes it has completely taken over my life. To the extent that I forgot to study for a test yesterday. (oddly enough, it was one of my better tests in that class.) Just so long as I don't forget to write the first draft of my paper, which is due next week! But the novel is going well. I'm not using up my plot too soon as I am prone to do, nor am I doing any unnecessary padding, I think. In fact, there are several places where I need to add a LOT of plot. And my writing group laughed a lot at a certain chapter that I liked, so that was good. (for those who are wondering, they loved the flashback in chapter 4, with the guy and his writing group. They loved that whole bit. Yay!)

I trust this book; the characters have started running ahead of me, showing me things about themselves that I had no idea were there. The whole thing with doing flashbacks and memories? Yeah, that was their idea, not mine. It's a good sign when characters start doing that, it means that they've taken on a life of their own. Huzzah!

This has been an incredibly helpful and productive project. This is more words than I've ever written at one time, and the most sustained story I've ever written. It's also very revealing, because I didn't think I could do it. I'm not sure I could without the challenge of doing 50,000 in a month. But I'm a very competitive person, and I refuse to be beaten by a mere deadline! Even if I did start 5 days late!

Monday, November 8

Final word count from last night: 8042.

My head hurts. I think I sprained my creativity.

Sunday, November 7

Word count: 7132.
3 days, 6000 words

Yep, that's how many words I have in my novel so far, give or take a few. Actually, mostly it's give a few; my space bar sometimes doesn't work, and words run together.

6000 words is a LOT of words to write, but not many to read. *sigh* This is depressing. My 4 chapters equal about one and a half decent-length chapters, and 50,000 words is only about 150 pages. So short....and yet, so long. Tell me what you think of these brave 6000 words. Into the valley of Microsoft Word galloped the 6000.......Critiques to the right of them, critiques to the left of them...Theirs not to question why, theirs but to write or die. Yeah.