Thursday, July 19

A Bloomin' Success

I checked my flowers last night, and the jasmine bloomed!!!! Yay!!! I haven't killed it yet! And the bougainvallia (which I cna pronounce but not spell) has a few more blossoms on it. Still waiting for the gardenia, but it looks nice and healthy, so no worries there.
I love my plants.

Wednesday, July 18


I have been wanting to try this stuff for a while. It is a crumbly Greek sweet, amde with honey, chocolate, and sesame seeds, and other stuff that is not printed on this label. My roommate and I got some at our local farmer's market, and I think I am addicted. Like the other Greek sweet, baclava, it starts off a little odd, but the more you eat, the better it gets. This stuff is slightly squishy, and sort of crumbly, and it's got this wispy crispy stuff in it that I can't identify, and it is GOOD! Yum. Maybe I'll try the vanilla kind next week; the guy who was selling it said it's also good on flatbread. Hmm.....
Don't you just love it when you watch someone on screen, think they are incredibly cool, then discover they have a blog, read it, and find out that they actually are funny and adorable? Yay!
Recent discovery: Doug Jones' blog. For those of you who don't know, Mr. Jones played the Faun and the Pale Man in Pan's Labyrinth, the Silver Surfer in the second Fan 4 movie, Abe Sapien in HellBoy, and Gentleman #1 in Buffy Season 4: Hush. He is very very cool. And his blog is great!