Tuesday, August 14

Co-worker: *setting her purse on her desk during her lunch break* I'm gonna leave this in here; the table's crowded, and I don't want to put it on the floor of the lunchroom in case there's a mouse.
Supervisor: What? There's a mouse in there??
Co-worker: I don't know, I just don't want to chance it.
Me, to coworker: So, no mouse attacks during lunch?
Supervisor: Oh my gosh, so there was a mouse??
Coworker: No, I just thought there might be.
Boss: what's going on?
Coworker: I thought there might be a mouse in the lunch room, so...
Boss: Oh my gosh, there's a mouse?
Supervisor: It's a rat!
Gotta love working with all women.....  (and no, there's no mouse or rat or anything)


Marcy said...

Wow. So why did she say, "It's a rat!"?

Joi said...

Because her imagination was running away with her.