Tuesday, August 14

"So, what did you learn in school?"

Most people who were in Torrey HATE this question. We have no list of things to recite, because the method and content of our education is not conducive to it. When a classical education works, it sinks in deeply, and becomes a part of the person, not just a compartment in his mind.
But, I finally found a decent answer to the question! I ran across a quote in an excellent fantasy book called The Worm Ouroborous. The villains are described as those who "did not know the ancient loyalties."
That's what I learned at college: I learned the ancient loyalties. I learned loyalty to goodness, truth, and beauty. I learned loyalty to family, hearth, home, and country. I learned loyalty to the faith and to God. I learned loyalty to the human race.

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Marcy said...

Even non-Torrey... I had an assignment in linguistics once, I think in Historical Linguistics, to write about what I'd learned in the class (or was it what we'd learned in all our linguistics classes?). I had trouble for similar reasons. Much of what we'd learned had sunk deep enough that I had trouble remembering that I hadn't always known it. Especially some of the stuff about language attitudes.