Monday, February 9

Amazing phrase of the week:

"When the world phoenix-fired burns"
You ever get that feeling, where you want something, and want it desperately, but don't know what it is? Yeah, I'm there now. There is at least one good side to this feeling: it confirms that I was not made for this world. Still being stuck in this world, however, that presents a bit of a problem.

Maybe that sense of being made for somewhere else is what draws me to mysticism. Mysticism is a bridge between worlds. I am flesh, and I am spirit; I am part of two worlds. Without a mysticism that will keep me grounded in both worlds, I fall apart into mere pieces of personality. Maybe that's why the song "Rainbow Connection" has always meant so much to me. The idea of a rainbow connection makes sense to me; it's something that is grounded in the physical world(raindrops), but its essence and beauty is not (the colors are an illusion, and not physical). It is the perfect connection between the two worlds.

Then again, maybe I just like that song because I'm really a hippie at heart.