Thursday, August 30

Is she not the CUTEST BABY EVER??

Wednesday, August 29


And the award for most disturbing, odd, over-the-top, hysterical cartoon goes to....Invader Zim!
I got the first disk from Netflix funny!
Miss Bitters: "Zim, there's a pigeon on your head. You have head pigeons. Go see the nurse."


My wo-workers think I'm funny today, because I'm so fidgedty (how DO you spell that word?). Can't wait till 1, when I get off work and go pick up my dad from the airport, yay! Stupid time, doesn't go by fast enough....*fidget fidget*

Tuesday, August 28

It must be getting close to November...

...little plot and world creation things keep popping into my head.
For instance, I've realized that my evil historian will have names for ages, but since he is so far in the future, his names for different ages will probably be different from ours. For instance, we call our current age the Information Age. He will refer to it, and several hundred years after now, as "The Age of Isolation."
Eeeeeeeeehehehehehehehehehehe! I love plot bunnies!