Thursday, May 24

What is happening to me?

First, last weekend, I start liking Joni Mitchell; I'd always sort of thought of her as a random hippie-person, singing nonsense. Then I heard the song River, and decided to buy one of her CDs. I did, and loved it.
Second: I've always been annoyed by Bob Dylan. His voice just grates on me, and I never could make sense of out the few lyrics of his songs that I'd heard. But then I bought the Lady in the Water soundtrack, which had covers of 2 songs: The Times They Are a-Changin', and Every Grain of Sand. I found both of them to be moving and profound; so I broke down and finally bought a CD of Dylan's. I listened to the first few tracks last night, and darn it all, I really liked that one, too!
What the heck is going on here?

Wednesday, May 23

Weird dream

So last night I dreamed I was in Rome with my co-worker Cindy. We were wandering around, enjoying the sights or something, and then there was this little room, with lots of kids in it. I knew that the Pope was due to arrive soon, so we decided to wait and see him. Sure enough, he showed up, and started talking with all the kids.
Sadly, I got shy and started drawing a picture with crayons instead of going over and meeting him.
Dang it! I'm such a coward! You'd think I'd at least have the courage to go meet a DREAM of the Pope, right? Yeesh!
Yeah, it was a weird dream.