Thursday, May 3

The Quotable Roommates:

(this conversation is probably only funny if you've been playing GuitarHeroII for two weeks)

Liz: I still have a set and a half before the final encore on this level....

Joi: Ha! And then you have to play Freebird!

Liz: No! I don't want to think about Freebird! I want butterflies! Butterflies! *flaps arms*

Joi: And then the Freebird will sweep down out of the sky, snatch your butterflies up, and EAT THEM!

Liz: *sings* And the Freebird comes in the NIIIIIIIIIGHT!


Marcy said...

Oh no, it's funny without that. Just more... mysterious. But funny. (For one thing, it's incredibly easy to picture...)

Linda said...

I'm definitely the wrong generation to understand any of what you just said---was that in English????

Joi said...

Ha! Well, there were about 3 pop references, but not even everyone in my generation would get them.

I guess you really just had to be there. And know the Trogdor.

aelthwyn said...

well, I'm totally lost with this one...but it did remind me of something funny I saw the other day on the way home: there was a butterfly apparently trying to have sex with a bird - like, they were doing the little mating flight thing, and then when she started to fly away, little mr. butterfly chased after her.