Tuesday, December 7


Thoughts about Liz's post

Thinking lately about the necessity to go into the dark places of the world.

Can those of us who are supposed to be light bearers do anything but go into the dark places? We're already in a dark place; this world is to a large extent a dark place. Our desire to remain only in the light is a good thing (after all, there is no night in the City of God, and the Lamb is their light), but we cannot ignore the dark places. If we do not go there, who will?

Frodo and Sam go into what is probably the darkest place in Middle Earth, and confront Shelob, the one who devours all light. They survive, because they still carry the light.

I know some people are going to question my decision to not only attend an Episcopalian church, but be confirmed in it, and become active in its life. It is, in many ways, a dark place right now (though I believe that there is still a lot of light, as there is in any church with a strong historic tradition/liturgy); but it is the dark places that need the light.

I have seen what one small determined light can do. My priest has been ministering in this area for about 30 years now. For 30 years, it's been a lonely job, from what I can tell. But now, there are a few guys from my church looking at the priesthood. Many of us are entering into Anglicanism intelligently, wanting to know what it's about, and what is expected of us. We are starting to reach out to the rest of the church, and maybe we will make a difference.

Once you have seen the light, it is necessary to go back down into the cave, and try to get others to see it too. It's been a rough journey up from the floor of the cave, and I certainly won't pretend that I see very well. But I can see better than those who are still in the dark, and I have to go down and help them.

Domine, istud quod facio non facio nisi, ut inveniam te. Inveniam te postquam id perfecero.
(Lord, that which I do, I do only to find You. May I find you after I have completed it.)
Nemo enim coronabitur nisi qui legitime certaverit.
(For no one is crowned except he who has striven lawfully)

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Rachel said...

You should read Descent Into Hell. (Charles Williams)