Friday, December 10


What makes something/someone a failure? I am wondering this because I feel very much like one lately. I realize, somewhere, that simply not finishing school yet and having trouble paying bills is actually quite normal for a 22-year-old in Southern California, but it still makes me feel like a terrible failure.

But can we call anyone a failure? We don't know ultimate purposes or ends, so how could anyone here make that judgement?

Hmmm. This was originally going to be a post of me trying to talk myself out of feeling like a failure, but it seems to have done so earlier than I thought. I don't know the ultimate purpose or ultimate end of my own life, so I can't pronounce myself a failure; if I can't, how could anyone else ever do so? And others wouldn't presume to do so, no more than I would presume to do so to them.


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Matt Tullos said...

I smiled reading this post because I've had the same thoughts often for 20 or so years. I'm almost twice your age and i still struggle with lots of self doubt. Encouraging, huh?