Wednesday, September 22

Ok, so I know I haven't been blogging much lately; things have been crazy.

Yes, the art department is still being a pain in the neck. I think they're determined to give me a mental breakdown. The process goes something like this:

Joi: *doing something that she finds fascinating and really ejoys*

Art profs: Well, this isn't particularly relevant [tell me, by the way, was Van Gogh "relevant"? I'm no great artist, but relevant isn't the main criteria for art]. Why don't you look at these other artists and try to do this or that thing to your stuff.

Joi: *goes off and does something that seems to be more acceptable, even though she doesn't care as much about it*

Art profs: Why are you doing this stuff? I thought you liked the stuff you were doing earlier, why aren't you still doing it? You don't seem to care about this new stuff as much; you need to do work you're passionate about.

ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!! I just want to get them off my back long enough to graduate!

"To be hurt, to feel lost,
To be left out in the dark,
To be kicked when you're down,
To feel like you've been pushed around,
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no-one's there to save you"

Is everyone in the art department like this? No. Have all my art classes been worthless? No. I had one art teacher who was EXCELLENT and taught me a lot. But he's gone now, and some of the other profs talk about how he was good, but his work was SO traditional, like it's a bad thing. BLEH!

In all my classes that were not taught by that prof, I cannot remember any discussions of objective beauty, aesthetics, optics, color theory, or realy philosophy of art; not even any mention of painters from before the 20th century(except in art history when it was necessary, and even then not all of those classes)! This is a trade school for art, not a liberal arts program. Shouldn't art majors spend a majority of time talking about these things? Aren't they essential to art?? Or am I just going mad?

I'm going to survive this, though, if for no other reason than to spite them. They can't keep me down.

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