Saturday, June 26

"I believe in...the communion of saints"

This sentence in the Nicene Creed has always fascinated me. Who are the saints, and what communion is this? Much has been written about this subject that is infinitely better than any exegesis I could give, so I'll not bother pontificating about the main points of it. Go read a commentary about it, or something.

But it does fascinate me. Lately I have really enjoyed reading a book that my college library has, called Letters from Saints to Sinners. Not all the letters are from canonized saints, nor are the recipients necessarily sinners, but it is a collection of letters from great Christians of the past (mostly saints) to their friends and families. And somehow, reading the correspondence of the saints gives me a hope to carry on. They were human, like me. They had people to talk to and business to settle. But God so infused every part of their lives as to transform it. Most of them, in their letters, simply never stop talking about God. Every good thing is seen as a blessing direct from God, and every bad thing is seen as an opportunity to be faithful to God during trials.

And somehow, I am in community with these wonderful people. How? I'm not entirely sure. Through grace, I know, but how that works out exactly I can't imagine. But I know that I want very much to be like them.

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