Thursday, August 7

Most people who read this blog know that while I’m interested in politics and have definite stances on many issues, I don’t really follow things that closely. While I vote Republican, I’m not that thrilled with either party.

But anyone who’s looked at this blog in the past week knows that I’ve become involved with the #DontGo Movement, and

In the past week, I’ve talked with U.S. Congressmen via Twitter, seen these same officials interact with their own constituents on YouTube, and paged through photostreams of press conferences on Twitter.

Anyone else feel like this is something new? Has the GOP finally figured out that the internet is here, and that it’s different from old media in the most fundamental ways? I hope so. I’d hate for this to be a fluke, because it’s too much fun.

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Rachel said...

They're working really, really hard at figuring it out. I think the Democrats still have the advantage (Obama, anyone?) but I don't think that has to last forever. My favorite writer on this is Patrick Ruffini ( . I think you'd like him, too.