Tuesday, February 19

Castro Retires

Of all the commentary I've seen this morning on the announcement, I think (no surprise) that John C. Wright says it best.
Sic semper tyrannis.

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Marcy said...

Amen. The other day at work someone asked about his autobiography and I read some of the reviews of it on amazon. It was sickening. Apparently it mostly covered someone's interview with him, and he was supposed to have done a good job of asking difficult questions, but either he didn't do a good enough job or those parts were edited out. How can anyone believe that because Cuba has produced many doctors, that justifies the deaths? And when they read Castro's comments about relatives trying to kill him, can't they at least ask themselves *why*? Do they really believe Castro's words that people risk their lives trying to get to America just because they want *cars*? And even if that were true, let them come to America and buy cars if they want to! Goodness! Yeah...