Friday, June 29

Note the new addition

Yes, I have added a NaNoWriMo countdown clock onto my blog. I am addicted to NaNo: I started participating in 2004, when I first heard about it. I started 4 days late and finished 2 days early: 52,000 words in 25 days! My 2005 story was a bust, but I learned a lot by not winning. In 2006, I wrote 54,000 words in 30 days, and realized that I was totally hooked. I participated in the forums for the first time, got to know other NaNoers in my region, and went to the Thank God It's Over party.
And now I'm re-writing last year's NaNo (excerpts available upon request--manuscript now at 64,000 words and counting), lurking in the forums, and generally just waiting for November to roll around again. This year's story will be about a monk with super-powers (no, I'm not kidding. I'm working on the outline already).
Go to Check it out. Sign up for a reminder. Discover that you really can write a novel. Go for the gusto!
We who are about to write salute you!
(note: Yes, I am aware that NaNo has eaten my soul. I'm perfectly okay with this.)


James said...

Monk with superpowers eh? Have you read the Astro City series comic "Confession?" It might help fuel the creative juices.

Joi said...

Hmmm, nope. I haven't! I will check it out; I'm thinking of something more along the lines of Unbreakable, rather than something actiony like X-Men.