Thursday, May 17

iPod shuffle meme: taken from the 'net

Rules: set your iPod or media player of choice to shuffle and answer each question with the song that comes up! Then repost the answers in a note of your own. No Cheating!

Click on the song titles to see the lyrics.

What do your friends think about you:

And So It Goes (Billy Joel)

Hmmm....interesting...I don't know that I'd mind that...but it seems like it'd be more a theme song for me, rather than others' perception of me. Oh well. I love the song anyway.

What do you dream about:

Everywhere I Go (Five Iron Frenzy)

Ha! For some reason this cracks me up. I dream about a love song made popular by Amy Grant, redone as ska by FIF? Cool. On a more serious note, if you take the words to the song, and the way I always interpreted them(spiritual allegory)....hmmm. Interesting.

What's the theme song to your life:

Million Pieces (Newsboys)

Again, hmmmm, interesting.

What was your high school like:

Walk Through the Fire (Once More With Feeling, from the Buffy Episode)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So true!!!!!!!! Mot applicable line from the song: "These endless days are finally ending in a blaze!"

How do you feel right now:

I'm Waiting For You (Michael W. Smith)

Hmmm. For one thing, it's weird so many Christian songs are coming up on mine, I actually listen to very few Christian artists.

But this one....does seem to fit my thoughts lately...

When you get older your life will be:

Listen to Your Heart--dance mix (DHT)

Well, that doesn't exactly bode well for my love life, does it?

Your angry song is:

No Rain (Blind Melon)

WTH???? I love the song, but...angry? I knew my emotions were all screwed up but this is ridiculous! :)

Your love song is:

I Lost On Jeopardy (Weird Al)

Yep. I'm completely screwed up. :P

Your happy song is:

Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard (Paul Simon)

I'm really getting worried now..... *whimpers in corner*

How you feel about your boyfriend/ girlfriend:

Rock Around the Clock (Bill Hawley and the Smoots--500 respect points for the reference)

I don't even HAVE a boyfriend, but if I did, I would hope we would want to rock around the clock to some good Oldies.

What your bf/gf [husband] thinks about you:

The Dark Night of the Soul (Loreena McKennitt)

Hmmm......Again, given my thoughts these past few months, this is...interesting.

What your style says about you:

Go and Sin No More (Rebecca St. James)

Um................................No comment.

How is your love life:

Summer Nights (Grease soundtrack)

My music lies! It lies! *smashes Yahoo music player*

Seriously though, that was to pass it on!

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