Tuesday, February 20

Lent is almost upon us, and you can smell the anticipation in the air. Oh, no, sorry, that's not anticipation, it's just pancakes.

I don't know if anybody else ever looks forward to Lent, but I do. Sure, the novelty wears off by the second week of it, and it's difficult and uncomfortable. But it's also a nice quiet time, a time of resting and preparing, of thinking and praying. It's nice to be coerced into being quiet and simple for a few weeks. We all benefit from it, even if we don't like it.

So, go to confession tonight, eat some pancakes, and get ready to fast!

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Marcy said...

I do. But since I don't go to a liturgical church and this was my first year using the Book of Common Prayer before Lent, I forgot to check how many weeks there were after Epiphany until Lent. I didn't realize Lent was coming up until I heard something on the radio last Sunday about Mardi Gras. My first reaction was "What the heck, I know they celebrate it before Tuesday, but this is *weeks* ahead of time!" Then I thought maybe I should check to see when Ash Wednesday was going to be. Then I felt properly chastened. (= And glad not to miss the beginning of Lent!