Tuesday, January 23

Prayer needed

Hey all, I could really use your prayers right now. Due largely to sleeping on really bad mattresses of late (amongst other things), my back hurts very badly most of the time. It started off with just the occasional pain in the lower right back, but now it's spread to the whole of my lower back and upper legs. It's almost constant pain anytime I'm standing, and anytime I switch positions. Fortunately, I sit down for most of the day at work, but it's definately getting worse. Please pray that I can afford to see a doctor soon, and that I deal with the pain well (instead of being grouchy, which is what I do most of the time. Sigh.)


Rachel said...

My chiropractor has helped me A LOT with my back pain, and she's not very expensive. If your insurance doesn't cover it you'd still only pay I think $30-$35 per visit, and the consultation at the beginning is free. I highly recommend her.

Mary Kate Reynolds said...

Aw, I am sorry Joi! I hope you feel better soon!
Mary Kate

Marcy said...

How are you doing now? Is it any better? Have you been able to see a doctor?