Monday, June 26

Pictures of the most beautiful baby in the world can be viewed here:

Yes, I'm biased. It's also true.

I don't normally like babies very much. They cry for no good reason, they never laugh at my jokes, and they look like odd little aliens. But Lucy likes to just look at you, and not cry so much (most of the time), even when she doesn't laugh or smile at jokes she at least as the decency to look at you as if you're the weirdest person in the world, and she's really really pretty.

I am very happy that I get to spend time around Lucy. I've never been around a baby, and it's amazing how fast she grows, and how...individual she is. She's definately her own person, and though she seems to take various traits from her parents, is very very much herself.

Yay Lucy! I can't wait till you're old enough to enjoy elephant jokes!


John said...

Well, I am glad you get weird looks, for I don't get any looks...yet anyways. But be careful!

The eyes of the wise are watching.
The sound of a coo draws you in.
With fingers and toes she is waiting.
Her preying is soon to begin.

Mary Kate said...

Oh Joi, you wouldn't spread more elephant jokes would you??? Is nothing sacred?? :D

Joi said...

Mary Kate:

Yes, some things are sacred. Elephant jokes.


Queen Mary Kate ruler of Sibera and northern Bulgira said...

Many things are sacred. But when elephant jokes are one of them, my exsistence will mearly become an effort to escape elephant jokes, and surely you do not want that!