Thursday, February 2

My two favorite tv shows are Futurama and The Simpsons (yes, mom, I watch--and love--The Simpsons. Trust me, it's a funny funny show)

I think this is due to three things:

1. Great visual gags. Really really funny stuff. Like Homer traveling in the Suc-U-Bus line when he thinks Marge is cheating on him. Bender, in the throes of a religious conversion, sticking a bumper sticker on the ship that is simultaneously a fish symbol AND an I Robot joke.

2. Great animation (on Futurama, anyway. Simpons isn't great. Not bad, just not great.) Futurama is incredibly well-animated. Lots of cool 3-D stuff blended with 2-d animation, and really terriffic colors.

3. The best part: awesome voice actors. Seriously, Billy West and John DiMaggio are hysterical! Particularly Billy West. I mean, Zoidberg alone would just MAKE Futurama.

Now, after all this, do any of you care? Not a chance. But neither do I. I just love Futurama and the Simpsons.

Fry: My God, what if the secret ingredient is people?
Leela: No, there's already a soda like that - Soylent Cola.
Fry: Oh. How is it?
Leela: It varies from person to person.

Al Gore: If we don't go back there and make that event happen, the entire universe will be destroyed... And as an environmentalist, I'm against that.

[in the library, absorbing all of Earth's knowledge] Chief Giant Brain: Pathetic human race. Arranging their knowledge by category just made it easier to absorb. Dewey, you fool! Your decimal system has played right into my hands! Ha ha ha ha!


luminarumbra said...

"Whoa, where are we?"

"I can tell you where we're not. The universe!"

"What are we going to do now?"

"We could play Dungeons and Dragons."


"I'm a 10th level vice president!"

-why Al Gore is immensely cooler as a voice actor than a politician

Joi said...

An even better story about that episode (seriously, you've GOT to listen to the commentary! Best commentators are David Cohen, Billy West, John DiMaggio--who doesn't seem all that different from Bender--and Matt Groening):

They went to Al Gore's house to record that episode. If you notice, right when they're all getting sucked through the Hawking-hole as the universe is destroyed, there's this really great scream that is actually Al Gore screaming. One of the commentators mentioned that to get the right voice effect, Mr. Gore actually threw himself onto his couch while screaming!

That mental image absolutely made my day. Seriously, if that side of him had come out more during his presidential campaign, he would have been WAY more popular.

luminarumbra said...


Most definately. One of my biggest beefs with him was that he was so robotic while on the campaign trail.

Why can't politicians be more funny?