Wednesday, October 26

result # 3
You're perfect guy is an romantic guy who will kiss
you and hug you as much as he can ! ( me: ^-^)

Who's You're perfect guy? - girls only!- - With beautifull anime pics!-
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Uh.....Liz, Rachel, Andrea, Marcy....Should I be worried that the quiz thinks that Haru is my perfect guy?


luminarumbra said...

Don't do it. Nothing good could come from you pursuing a Haru type personality.

Rachel said...

Yes, be worried!

Marcy said...

Funny, I just talked with John yesterday about how we both might be bipolar... course, we both hide our emotions a lot. And we're not completely sure or anything. He's got it in his family, and I... well, it could just be my birth control pills screwing my emotions up. Don't know.

But anyway, yes, I echo Rachel.