Sunday, February 27

About Long Hair

I love my hair. I actually do. I hated it for a long time...until I grew it out. I grew it out due to an abstract principle: "A woman's hair is her glory." I never believed that, until I hung out with a bunch of girls who had long hair. I discovered that no-one noticed your face or body very much when you have really long hair. And long hair really is a glory to a woman. So I grew it out. And I could not be happier.

I love that fact that I have to be careful how I sit so that I don't catch my hair on the back of a chair.

I love that my hair flows over the back of chairs.

I love that I can tuck a bit of my hair into the back of my jeans.

I love the way my hair flows over and around my face when I walk.

I love that people have started to make comments about how long my hair is getting.

I love that I have to learn new ways to treat my hair now that it's in the category of "longer than average" hair.

1 comment:

slowlane said...

It's odd... a lot of the things you list are reasons why I ended up cutting my hair.