Tuesday, November 2

At a certain Halloween party, we were honored by the presence of Pope Gregory the 1st, Martin Luther, Catherine of Siena, two Joans of Arc, Thomas Aquinas, St. Francis, St. Clare, the Nicene Creed, and the Council of Trent. (also known as: Tim Motte, Kevin White, Joi Weaver, Rachel Robinson and Kate Saunders, Joel Britton, Tim Bartel, Ashley Romero, Erica Carl, and Nathan Hagberg.) As you can imagine, some interesting quotes resulted...

"Can somebody safety pin my chain mail?" ---Joan of Arc

Aquinas, to Luther: "There are two ways of committing heresy: one by thinking, and one by drinking."

"The Nicene Creed is about to get hit by a car!" ---Catherine of Siena

"I am necessary and sufficient for salvation!" ---Erica Carl (i.e., the Nicene Creed. But it sounds funnier coming from Erica herself)

"Let's see if Mr. Luther is as slow a driver as he is a thinker." ---Catherine of Siena

"It's a little weird to look back and see the Pope holding hands with Joan of Arc."

Catherine: "I see that although Mr. Luther preaches freedom from the law, he still stops for red lights."
Aquinas: "Yeah! Zoom on through by grace, Mr. Luther, and let's see how long you last!"

Catherine: "I'm Catherine of Siena."
Francis: "Oh! I saw her head!"
Aquinas: "He's having visions again."

Luther: "You, though you be dressed in the garb of greatness, are the greatest of sinners!"
Francis: "Your mom is the greatest of sinners!"

"Dang, Luther just stole from the Pope!" ---Catherine of Siena

"Quiet, you French harpy!" Luther to Joan

Luther: "Well, I---" *chokes on cupcake*
Joan: "He was about to say something positive, but it couldn't make its way out of his throat."

"The trick-or-treaters are the poor, unless they're dressed as demons, in which case they're Protestants."--Aquinas

Luther: "I've never died in obedience to Rome!"
Aquinas: "I've never died in it, I live in it!"

Clare: "I never killed anybody either!"
Luther: "Elitist!"

"Hey Joan, I think Francis' hand is falling into sin, would you cut it off?"---Clare

Nicene Creed: "Tim, move, your mitre's in the way of the TV."
Catherine: "If we position him right, we might get better reception."

Kevin: "You know, opening a door for a woman is a sign of opression."
Joi: "In that case, bring it on!"

"Who is your favorite creed?"--Clare

"Hey, I didn't get an anathema! Oh wait, I agree with you."---Clare

You know, it's amazing how much Luther-angst a group of Protestants can have. Most of us like Luther and largely agree with him. But when Luther is present, you just gotta bash him, because it's SO much fun. I wish Calvin could've shown up, though.

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