Monday, October 18

Move to the Music

I am sitting here, ostensibly at work, listening to a favorite Christmas cd on the computer (Yes, it's early for Christmas music. Yes, I always listen to it this early. No, I never EVER get tired of Christmas music. Not even in July.)

There are two songs on here, and both of them really make me want to dance, especially if I was wearing a wonderfuly swishy skirt. I don't want to dance with anyone romantically, but I do want to dance with people. I'm about to get up from my desk and start dancing to this music by myself!

As a kid, I was exposed to the idea that rock music was evil because it made you want to "move your body." Ok, sure, I'll grant that. Most people would. But the point was never made that a lot of music makes you want to move, including most folk tunes, and anything that's upbeat and Celtic. Some hymns would be excellent for dancing to.

Why is this, music making you move, assumed to be a bad thing? If music is what created the world, then we should move to music, at least to good music. Those of us who, like me, are not very good at making music, should at least learn to be influenced and guided by it. Should we all learn to dance?

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