Sunday, May 2

Demons and Angels

I think that many of the people around me do not take the idea of angels and demons seriously. Oh, they believe they exist alright, but I don't think they attribute much to them. The purpose of demons is to fight angels, and the purpose of angels is to fight demons, and so forth.

But this view is a bit ridiculous. The spirit world affects us ALL THE TIME. Human beings are, in a sense, amphibious: we are indubitably physical, yet our souls instruct every move of our bodies. I think "I will raise my arm," and my arm raises(which raises the intriguing question of how my thoughts move from the realm of thought to the physical world). My spirit affects my body. So why can't another spirit affect it? Spirits are not coporeal, and more than one can occupy one physical space.

I have felt demons around me before, and have (more than I should) opened myself up to spirits.

It is a strange world: it is often too much for us humans, yet we live in it anyway. We walk every day in the spirit world, and we forget it at our peril. The two worlds are not even truly two worlds, but two parts of one world. Everything I do, every action I take, affects my spirit, and the spirit of those around me.

This is the true power of sin, and the true power of habituation and the spiritual disciplines. We often think that a spiritual sin (pride, judgement, etc) affects only our souls, and that a physical sin (premarital sex, murder, etc) affects only our body. But these two cannot, and must not, be seperated. This is why the spiritual discplines of fasting, silence, etc, are still important. These physical actions also act in the spirit. I must train not only my body to be in submission to my soul, but must also train my soul to be in tune with God, so that it may correctly guide my body. It is all one.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner in body and soul.
Speak the word only, and my soul shall be healed.

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