Sunday, February 1

Ok..this is not exactly a story as such...maybe more a meditation, an imagining, a poem...something like that.

I have been waiting here for some time now. All I can remember is an accident of some sort; I heard a scream, the shriek of metal, and the next thing I can remember is being here. They say that time is relative, and I've heard of this sort of amnesia happening to accident victims. They say everything is kind of fuzzy for a while. So I'm just going to sit here until I start to remember, and can figure out what to do. Come to think of it, I'm not entirely sure where "here" is. Maybe it's the waiting room, like in a hospital. That makes sense. If I was in an accident, of course they'd take me to a hospital, just to be safe. I wonder if I'm waiting for someone? That must be it. The doctor will come through in a few minutes, and talk to me about my friend that was in the accident. Yes, look, the door is opening now.'s coming out...I think I'm supposed to go in myself. Maybe...Well, it can't hurt to try. Maybe I'll find someone who knows what's going on.
There's a funny light coming from behind that door...

Oh God! No....It's that face...I can't bear that face! I heard once of the face that no human could bear to see...This must be it...His eyes are fire, they burn....They're burning me away, I'm becoming an empty husk...Everything that's me is gone...They were right to speak of the fires of Hell....
I'm burning!....
I'm burning!....
I'm burn...!
I'm bu....!


You. You? It can't be You. You burn like fire....You consume me....

"No. I consummate you. I consecrate you."

But there is nothing left of me.

"And because you gave up all that was what you thought you were, now I have made you truly you."

This that's left is me? But...I thought this was You...

"It is. And in Me, you are truly you."

Then what was the burning? Was it Hell?


But it wasn't permanent...was it Purgatory?


Oh. But...wait, wasn't there supposed to be a trial, or a judgement?

"That was it."

But...Hell, the judgement, purgatory...It was You all the time...Just You, seeing me.


I don't understand.

"You gave yourself up to Me. Nothing can happen to you now that is not Me."

But...what burned me to oblivion is now all I want...Is this Heaven?

"I have always been Heaven. Now...Come, walk with me. Know the joy you were created for."

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